Wedding photographer Vicenza, Italy – Villa Godi Piovene

Wedding photographer in Italy – Villa Godi Piovene Vicenza

Wedding at Villa Godi Piovene, Vicenza, Italy

Wedding inVicenza, Italy – Alice and Marco at Villa Godi Piovene

2020 has not been a normal year for weddings. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy, social-distancing policies made any wedding celebrations essentially impossible. On 9 March the government imposed the national quarantine. Of course, any destination wedding in Italy has been canceled, but what about domestic weddings?

Most of “mines” have been postponed to 2021, but some of my clients, whose wedding should have been celebrated between April and June, decided to postpone the celebration for just a few months, hoping everything would be back to -almost- normality at that time.

The wedding of Alice and Marco was one of those, and their positiveness was rewarded!

On 3 June many restrictions ended: Italians were able to move between regions, travel to and from other European countries was also permitted, shops, cafes, and restaurants opened again and there were no more limits on the number of people who can gather for any sort of party or event (by following basic rules of good sense).

Alice and Marco tied the knot in July, at Villa Godi Piovene, a gorgeous Venetian mansion near Vicenza

The outdoor civil ceremony was celebrated in the intimate back park of the venue. The reception and the banquet took place in the front garden and in the beautiful dining room of the villa.

It was a beautiful, peaceful and relaxed day. Except for the extra precautions that had to be made at a time like this (social distancing, hand hygiene stations, vendors wearing masks), the event was almost as Alice and Marco had originally planned. 

In the end, everything worked out perfectly and the dream became a reality, despite the time of coronavirus!