Vicenza couple photographer – Pamela & Massimiliano: pre wedding photoshoot

Couple photographer – Pre wedding photoshoot – Vicenza – Italy

Vicenza couple photo shoot

Vicenza couple photographer – Pamela & Massimiliano: pre wedding photoshoot

Pamela and Massimiliano: a wonderful couple living in my hometown. 

The pre-wedding photoshoot, of which I’m going to show you some images, was taken a couple of months before their wedding. 

We decided to make it very simple and easy, choosing a location literally outside the front door. As most of the couples do, they thought that they were going to look awkward in front of the camera. That’s why, in my opinion, the main purpose of a pre-wedding session is to create a good vibe between the couple and the photographer. There is no need for breathtaking locations and exotic backdrops: a beautiful couple portrait needs just a bit of serenity and confidence. If the photographer can put the couple at ease and break the ice on the occasion of the pre-wedding session, then the photoshoot on the wedding day will be way more easier and comfortable for them.

As you can see these two lovebirds look so natural and spontaneous in their pictures, so I guess that our purpose was successful (and I can’t wait to show you the wedding pictures that – for sure – are going to be amazing!).

A beautiful couple in love, a field just front door at the golden hour…and the magic happens!