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It is now the one year anniversary of our Jewish wedding in Venice.
Having Luca Fabbian as our photographer was one of the best decisions I made to help memorialize our special event in Venice.
It is difficult to plan long distance (Las Vegas to Italy), but I was mesmerized by Luca’s photography and work.
He is creative, has a great eye for detail and the images reflect our joy of the day.
He was even able to make my, then fiancé, smile (who is not keen on being photographed).
We want to thank you for these wonderful memories, capturing happiness, craziness and joy of such a unique experience.
I didn’t think you expected such a religious Jewish experience in Venice. Neither did I.
It was so unique for us as well and I loved that you seized these beautiful moments, such as all the Rabbis dancing around us.
Grazie mille!!! Thanks again!

review Luca Fabbian Venice wedding photographer

“Dear Luca
while planning our Italian wedding from Texas, we searched online for a photographer, thinking it would be a long and difficult process. But as soon we saw your website and portfolio, there was no doubt in our minds that we had to speak with you. The creativity you show, the colors you capture, the stories you tell with your pictures – were just unique.
The photos exceeded our expectations, so much so that we ended up asking for two albums, not one!
On top of the wonderful pictures, your passion and dedication to work are outstanding.
We want to thank you again for the patience with which you interacted with us prior to the wedding, for the way you participated in our big day taking shot after shot but never being intrusive, and for capturing each and every one of our guests – at their best.
Also on our day, we thoroughly enjoyed the photo session in the villa and gardens, which gave us a chance to be with each other in a beautiful setting, almost forgetting you were with us. We treasure all of the pictures (yes even the ones you think are not perfect!) as we will always be able to remember and feel those moments again.
Thank you again!”

“Bonjour Luca,
Comment allez-vous ?
Chez nous tout vas bien, après quelques jours en Toscane ds la région de Piombino, Venturina….nous avons repris notre rythme. Nous avons visionné les photos, waouh elles sont magnifiques!!!
Merci du fond du coeur pour les photos!!!  Nous aimons beaucoup votre travail sur la lumière et votre style. Vous êtes un grand artiste. Grâce à vous nous avons de merveilleuses images en souvenir de notre mariage. Chaque image nous remémore une sensation,  une émotion vécue lors de notre grand jour.
Belle continuation à vous.”

“Steven and I wanted to thank you for your beautiful photos of our wedding at Ramster Hall. The time you spent and the pictures you took not only of the ‘big moments’ but the quieter ones at The Crown Hotel and Swan Hotel with Steven and I beforehand are just as precious. All our guests commented on your ability to disappear leaving them able to relax and have a wonderful day. We loved the mixture of structured, planned pictures with the natural mid-action shots and the collage meant that no smile, glass of champagne or dance move was missed! We have no doubt that your list of very happy customers must be growing and wanted to add our thanks to that list. Many, many thanks again.”

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us! Kati and I love the pictures and thoroughly enjoyed the time we were able to spend with you. I am so glad that I found your website and we will cherish these photographs forever! Thank you for taking us to such beautiful and special places in Venice. I’m hoping that Kati and I can take another trip to Venice on one of our anniversaries. We will definitely take you out for dinner while we are there.
Thanks again!”

“After searching in both London and Italy, we were most impressed by your portfolio, and by the end of our first meeting we were enormously excited at the idea of having you as our wedding photographer. But you managed to greatly exceed our already high expectations. As we received our wedding pictures in a very short timeframe (and with many extra shots compared to what we had initially agreed!), we realised how much your pictures told the entire, exceptional story of our day, in a wide spectrum of joyful, serious, solemn and intimate moments. You were able to obtain the absolute best from the wonderful natural light of the day and capture the many colours while at the same time leaving all images with a simple, delicate feeling. We appreciated your ability to seamlessly interact with all our guests, Italian and English-speakers alike, to disappear only some moments later and take those beautiful and discrete shots, making so many people wonder whether “The photographer had left already”.
We are aware that as the years go by, the superb pictures you took will do the best service to our memories. Each image a story on its own, a flurry of comments, laughs and cries of joy.
Thank you for everything!”

“Querido Luca, te escribimos estas palabras con mucha alegría, emoción y nostalgia. Solo un artista como tú es capaz de, en tan poco tiempo, crear una obra que sea tan bella para la mirada de no solo nuestros ojos, sino también de nuestros corazones. Tu capacidad de relacionarte con tus clientes (amigos, desde ya!!!) es única y tu competencia con la cámara hacen de ti un fotógrafo ideal. El momento más especial de Gabriela y el mío fue contado con tanto estilo y detalle, que nuestras familias, amigos, hijos y hasta nietos sentirán que estuvieron junto a nosotros en el momento de nuestra mágica pedida de compromiso veneciana :). 
Para todos los románticos de habla hispana, se los recomiendo mucho.
Grande Luca! tremendo maestro, un abrazo de tus dos amigos peruanos.”

Dear Luca,

Few months have passed since what many people probably consider the most important day of their life. We apologize for not having been in contact before, but after the frantic moments spent  to organise the wedding it seems now easier to cherish our special day and focus on what is left, in addition to the many strong memories and deep feelings: photos.
Let’s start from the beginning. We initially contacted few wedding photographers but none of them fully convinced us. We then realised that in Schio, the city where we were planning to get married, there was Luca Fabbian. I have to admit that I have passion for photography and therefore I was a bit fussy about finding the right photographer for our wedding. As soon as we met you, Luca, and you showed us few albums and your portfolio, we immediately realised we were in good hands. We loved your style, the way you can tell a story through your photos, your being professional and discreet. All this was successfully reproduced at our wedding. I think you managed to capture beautifully every moment and feelings of the day. All photos are special, beautifully composed and processed, original and alive. Not only they recall what happened, but the photos can speak of the emotions we went through: from the anxious preparations in the morning to the joyful formality of the ceremony, to the colourful happiness of the party.
I think that a photo is finished when it is printed. And when photos are presented in such an elegant and stylish format such as the YoungBook they really become alive. The album is just gorgeous, it is a pleasure to touch, to smell, to see.
We would also like to congratulate on your recent photography awards, some of which accomplished with our photos. It is for us a privilege and we feel we are part of it.
Lastly, we really appreciate your professionalism and experience in dealing the whole event, before, during and after. We appreciated you could cover our requests and we were impressed by your quick processing and delivery of the photos.
We really feel honoured to have had our wedding photos taken by you. We thank you immensely for capturing so perfectly the spirit of our wedding and giving us unique memories that will last forever. Thank you Luca!


We had a wonderfull time together with you. Thank you for capturing our love on camera.
We love the photo’s and the nice time we had together.

Thanks Luca, you are so talented! We really cannot say enough to describe your amazing work. We were worried about booking any local photographer for our destination wedding in Venice, because it is not easy to organise such an important photoshoot from far away. But thanks to you the process was smooth and easy: clear communication and quick response to any of our questions! But what impressed us the most was the incredible artistic flair of your work when we finally saw our pictures: they definitely exceeded our expectations! We realized how you are capable of customizing any of yours weddings thanks to a tailor-made editing that makes unique and personalized any single work: that’s priceless! You are incredibly professional and friendly as well, unobtrusive and very easy to work with: one of the best experiences of our wedding.
We can’t thank you enough for the most wonderful memories of our most wonderful day!

Hola Luca! Ale y yo queriamos agradecerte nuevamente por el magnifico trabajo que hiciste en nuestro matrimonio, Desde nuestro primer encuentro hasta el resultado final. Las fotos son estupendas y el album bellisimo. Estamos super contentos y satisfechos de haberte elegido. Amor, color, luz, alegria y emocion son algunos de los elementos que quedaron reflejdos en nuestras esplendidas fotos, haciendo una descripcion secuencial de momentos que cuentan perfectamente como fue nuestro dia.
Las fotos son el unico recuerdo en fisico que perdurara en el tiempo, tu captaste los mejores momentos y de la mejor manera, una manera real, muy natural y original! De verdad, mejor imposible! Gracias por tu amabilidad, profesionalidad y por el increible trabajo realizado! Muchas Gracias!!!”

“Dear Luca, we would like to express our gratitude for the splendid
photos you captured of our special day. We are extremely pleased with
how you managed to create a unique painting of each moment, playing
masterfully with light, vibrant colours and perfect framing.
Your non-conventional style is exactly what we were wishing to have for
our wedding album… we are lucky we found you!
We love the way you noticed and portrayed even the small and quiet
details, touching them delicately with your lens and letting them bloom
across the image.
Each time we watch the album you make us breath again the very same
feelings as that day. Grazie Luca!”

“Thanks for sending the pictures over and thanks for optimizing way more than the number of pictures we’ve agreed upon! Maggie and I have been looking forward to seeing them – all I have to say is they look spectacular and we are beyond satisfied with your work!”

“Dear Luca, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for our wonderful photo album. You were able to catch the emotions of the most important day in our life and to capture the love in our eyes. The lights and the colours of your photos make your works lively. You have made our wedding day unforgettable and immortal with your professionalism and your silent presence. Many many thanks again!”

Hi Luca,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us last Saturday, you made the holiday even more special, it was worth it just for the experience, the laughs and the library. If I ever hear of anyone going to Venice I will recommend you 100%.
I have just looked at the pictures now, they are fantastic, you are a master Luca wowzers. Thank you so much, we were a bit nervous to see what they would be like because we are not used to having our photos taken haha, but you have absolutely nailed it, we will cherish these forever.
Thanks again mate!

“Ciao Luca, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing photo album. The images you shot for our wedding are beautiful, stylish and creative, bringing back the feelings of the day perfectly. You captured every moment in a natural and spontaneous way. With your hard work and professionalism you have helped us make our day unforgettable.”