Venice surprise proposal photographer: Gaby & Gianfranco

Surprise Wedding Proposal – Venice – Italy – Engagement – Winter

Venice surprise proposal photographer. Destination couple, engagement, pre wedding photo shoot in Italy

Venice surprise proposal photographer. Wedding proposal photo shoot.  Gaby & Gianfranco: a love story from Peru.

Gianfranco has an Italian name but he’s Peruvian, just like his girlfriend Gaby. Since a couple of months ago, they’ve been living in Barcellona and they decided to organise a trip to Italy in order to visit Rome, Florence and Venice.

Gianfranco thought that Venice would be the ideal location to declare all his love to Gaby, so he contacted me to have an unforgettable memory of what was going to be one of the most magical moments of their lives!

He told her that to celebrate their first ever trip to Italy, they were going to have a personalised couple photo shoot in Venice, without though revealing his hidden romantic intention.

Me and Gianfranco agreed upon a plan: when he and Gaby were to arrive on the spot were we agreed to meet, I’d ask them to jump a couple of times to take some funny shots and, on the last jump, Gianfranco would kneel to ask for her hand.

Venice welcomed us with its most characteristic winter gown: the cold and grey foggy day probably contributed to make even more intimate and romantic the occasion! Gaby’s surprise, emotion and happiness were absolutely indescribable! These are emotional moments even for myself. I confess that, even though I’ve documented many times these kind of moments, it’s very difficult to get rid of that feeling of being an intrusion…but fortunately, the couples are always so into the moment that they totally forget about the existence of the photographer! 😀

There was also another new married couple in the same location and at the same time! Is it a sign of good luck? It absolutely is!
When the initial emotions eased we beautifully concluded the photo session strolling through Saint Mark square and its surroundings where the couple’s love and cheerfulness revealed them selves in all their splendour! I can only wish to this marvellous, joyful and kind couple all the happiness that they deserve!