Venice honeymoon photographer: Geri & Gregg’s after wedding

Venice – Italy – Honeymoon – Hotel Danieli – Post Wedding

Venice honeymoon photographer

Geri and Gregg – this lovely pair from Pittsburgh (USA) – chose to tie the knot surrounded by the dramatic beauty of Castellabate in Southern Italy.

The sweet first days of their marriage were spent travelling the lenght of Italy and eventually reaching Venice, where they met with this brilliant photographer :-p to cap off their amazing destination wedding and honeymoon with some truly memorable photos.

Upon awakening at Hotel Danieli, on the day we were to shoot, things were not looking so good: the skies seemed to promise bad weather and, even worse, high water in Venice! Glamorous wedding gowns and elegant suits usually don’t fit that well with the utilitarian nature of standard-issue waterboots.
But luckily, by the time we met, the sun was shining and, even better, the water all over St. Mark’s Square and surroundings was quickly receding.

We took our first shots at the Danieli (whose outstanding foyer is considered one of the most beautiful in the world) and then moved to the almost-dry St. Mark’s Square to capture some classic Venetian images.

Afterwards, we walked through a web of narrow streets away from the crowds for some intimate pictures, and finally took our romantic gondola ride. I’d better say that it was supposed to be romantic, but thank to our insane gondolier Willy it turned out both romantic and entertaining (oh what a crazy guy: we had a blast!).

I had such a fun time hanging out with Geri and Gregg: a charming, handsome couple who was a pleasure to photograph.
Thank you Geri and Gregg for choosing my humble self as your photographer in Venice!