Veneto wedding photographer: Chiara & Yuri. Tenuta Le Forge

Tenuta Le Forge – Vicenza – Veneto

veneto Italy wedding photographer

Veneto wedding photographer. The Wedding of Chiara & Yury at Tenuta Le Forge, among the vineyards on the hills of Vicenza, Italy.

Photographers know that some weddings are easier than others to be documented.

This one was definitely easy,  thanks to a positive set of circumstances.
A perfect weather day (not so predictable even in a northern Italy hot summer day); different locations (urban and non-urban), thanks to the favorable logistics and non-pressing schedule; the opportunity of photographing with a warm sunset light in the right location; last but not least…an amazingly beautiful and nice couple, capable of playing and having a good time with the photographer.

The event turned up in the province of Vicenza (Veneto), between Carrè, Thiene and Montecchio Precalcino, and culminated in the amazing reception at Tenuta Le Forge, in a relaxed, joyful, enchanted atmosphere.