Veneto destination wedding photographer: Anna & Davide at Villa Godi Malinverni

Villa Godi Malinverni – Veneto – Vicenza – Italy

Veneto destination wedding photographer, Italy. Villa Godi Malim

Veneto destination wedding photographer. A magnificent wedding celebrated on mild early autumn at Villa Godi Malinverni, Vicenza, Italy.

A magnificent wedding celebrated on a mild early autumn day in a unique and charming setting : Villa Godi Malinverni in Lugo di Vicenza. Anna and Davide are a fantastic modern couple,whose love is visible in their every single gesture, and is so solid as not to bother about wedding traditions.They chose their wedding gowns together, got dressed and ready in their own home, and together reached the site of the ceremony where the cheering guests were waiting for them. Substance is all that matters, and substance transpired in its depth in the moments of genuine emotion and cheerfulness that followed one another in the course of the day.It was an elegant wedding, but not at all starched: it was as fresh, amusing and exciting as its protagonists, and everyone showed great spontaneity, cheerfulness and participation ( including the photographer).That wedding truly reflected the charming personality of that delightful couple!