Lake Garda couple photographer. Marriage proposal in Malcesine.

Engagement Photographer – Surprise Proposal – Lake Garda – Malcesine

Proposal Photo Shoot at Malcesine

Surprise wedding proposal in Malcesine. Lake Garda engagement photographer.

I must admit that certain requests may cause some anxiety.

The one that came to me from London, a fortnight before the realization of this photo shoot, is one of them.

Sachin wrote to me telling me how he and her girlfriend love Italy, having visited it often and how he decided to choose Lake Garda as a location for a very special occasion: his marriage proposal to Bina.

So far so good, but things get a little more worrying for the photographer when he described how he imagined the event:

“…We will be visiting Lake Garda for 3 nights staying at Limone Sul Garda. …The proposal has to be private and intimate and discretely captured by a photographer. Please could you advise in terms of locations for the proposal around lake Garda. I want somewhere that is near the water and captures the lake and mountains in the background. I would ideally like the proposal to be during sunset on the day that we arrive. Are you available to help me on this date with your services?”


-Finding a secluded but accessible place on the shores of Lake Garda!… In summer!!! If you’ve never visited Lake Garda, you can’t understand how unlikely this is.

-Assuming that I am lucky enough that in that precise location, at that precise moment, there will be just a few bathers/tourists/passers-by, how can I not get noticed, if I can not get confused among the people while shooting the scene?!?

-Finding a place favorably oriented towards sunset, therefore on the east shore of the lake… not Limone at all. 

-Deciding the perfect time, to enjoy the sunset light, but before the sun disappears behind the mountains… and hoping that the couple does not arrive too early or, worse, late.

I thought of the only small beach I know, just outside Malcesine, which could potentially offer – but not guarantee – these characteristics.

The presence of a pier would also have allowed the couple to arrive by motorboat, directly from Limone.

Sachin approved, trusting my choices.

On the day of the shooting, I arrived on site well in advance, fearing unforeseen events and the consequent need to invent a plan B at the moment.

Awaiting their arrival I had to ask the courtesy to free the pier to the 4 or 5 people who were blissfully enjoying the last rays of the sun, lying on their bath towels, and then reject two German couples, initially disappointed (fortunately I don’t know the meaning of the intimidating series of consonants that they addressed to me) who, seeing the pier unexpectedly free, wanted to appropriate it.

Once the reason for my request was explained to them, I politely begged them to fall back on the adjacent beach, and they all accepted willingly. 

I also had to ask them to be discreet when the couple would arrive, and to avoid enjoying the scene with clear curiosity and participation.

At the sight of the free pier and of the rest of the beach occupied just by a few couples and two small families, at a sufficient distance, when I finally saw a motorboat approaching, at the agreed time ….. I relaxed … and eclipsed in a feigned indifference, photographing random things, as long as they were in the opposite direction to the newcomers.

I’ll make it short: everything went well… she said “yes”!

I would add that she was quite surprised when the people to whom I had previously explained the situation applauded, and when she noticed the photographer who was filming her.

At the end of the shooting of the very moment, we went to Malcesine, taking advantage of the last light, for a few more shots with the backdrop of the Scaligero castle, taking leave on the town harbor, from where this beautiful English couple would leave in the direction of their hotel.

Below is a summary of the images taken from this photo shoot, as anxious on the premises as well as successful in the end!