Pisa wedding photographer – Sara & Alessandro: a Tuscany wedding amid the pandemic

Tuscany wedding photographer – Wedding in Pisa

Wedding photo at piazza dei Miracoli - Pisa - Tuscany

Pisa wedding photographer – A Tuscany wedding amid the pandemic

Sara and Alessandro are a beautiful italian couple living in Dublin, Ireland.

They contacted me on January 2020, asking if I were available for their destination wedding in Italy, planned for September. They had already booked an amazing venue at Lake Molveno, in the gorgeous landscape of the Dolomites – Trentino – and they were looking for their wedding photographer

They imagined a grand, festive event, with extended family and friends from abroad in attendance. 

Just a couple of months later, it became clear that their dream wedding could not be possible for an indefinite period, because of the spread of Covid-19.

There was – and still there is – no way to predict, of course, whether a destination wedding will even be a possibility next year.

So the wedding, as they had planned it, was canceled, but they still wanted to get married, right away! While their wedding may not have looked as they had envisioned, they were going to celebrate love anyway, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They decided to have a small, low-key ceremony, with just their closer (italian) friends and family, adapted to whatever restrictions might be in place in that period. 

There was no more need for a big party and a huge venue and the intimate wedding could have been celebrated somewhere really significant to them. That special place in their heart is Pisa.

Pisa is the beautiful Tuscany city where they met, during the academic period.

A simpler, more scaled-back, ceremony means an easier-to-plan wedding day, so Sara and Alessandro were able to reschedule their wedding for August.

The civil ceremony took place in the Town Hall’s appointed venue: the magnificent Palazzo Gambacorti

The wedding hall was prepared in order to strictly observe the social distancing policies and the bride and the groom, such as all of the participants, had to wear their mask from the beginning to the end of the ceremony.

After the rite the newlyweds and the photographer went for a stroll through the charming center streets, heading towards Piazza dei Miracoli (of course we took some beautiful pictures on our way). 

Eventually we reached a beautiful farmhouse in the tuscan countryside (just a few kilometers from Pisa), where the guests were having their pre-dinner buffet, while waiting for us, and the dinner got started!

Congratulations to Sara and Alessandro, who decided to start their union with persistence and a willingness to make things work no matter what life may throw their way…together!