Pre Wedding Photographer Verona – Couple photoshoot at Giardini Sigurtà

Pre wedding photographer Verona – Couple photoshoot -Giardini Sigurtà – Valeggio sul Mincio – Veneto

Couple photographer Verona

Pre Wedding Photographer Verona – Couple photoshoot at Giardini Sigurtà

As we all well know 2020 is no normal year for weddings. The global pandemic and the social-distancing policies that have been put in place in the first half of the year, to curb the spread of COVID-19, have effectively ruled out large gatherings. 

Destination weddings in Italy have been postponed or canceled. Most of domestic weddings have been postponed or downsized as well.

The virtually nonexistent wedding season of 2020 has given a lot of free time to photographers (bitter smile). That’s why I decided to offer my italian couples a pre wedding photoshoot, included in one of my wedding packages.

Nora and Mattia will tie the knot in 2021 and this was their first couple photoshoot (and they were so excited about that)!

We did it in a fabulous park, very close to Verona: Parco Giardini SigurtàValeggio sul Mincio.

Pre wedding photoshoots are the best way, for the couple and the photographer, to get to know each other before the big day.

The photographer realizes how the couple approaches the camera and the couple understands how the photographer works, what he’ll be asking them the day of the wedding. It’s a great occasion to create the perfect feeling between them so that, on the wedding day, they’ll be no longer perfect strangers and everything will flow easier and smoother.

What I ask “my” couples is actually very simple: to be themselves, to be natural and spontaneous and to try to forget that I’m there. Usually it takes some time to make it happen, but once you get into the right mood…it’s done!

Nora and Mattia are a wonderful couple: can’t wait to document their wedding and I’m sure that, when the big day comes, the portrait session will be fun, easy, truly romantic and enjoyable!