Padua wedding photographer: Paola & Marco

Villa Contarini Giovanelli Venier – Il Cenacolo degli Euganei – Padua, Euganean Hills, Italy

Padua wedding photographer

Padua wedding photographer. Wedding photoshoot in the province of Padua, Euganean Hills, Italy. Destination wedding photography.

Paola and Marco’s wedding took place in the province of Padua.The civil ceremony was celebrated at Villa Contarini Giovanelli Venier,Vò Vecchio and the reception was held nearby, at Cenacolo degli Euganei, Vò Euganeo.

I have started with this brief “technical” description because the real news is that the wedding actually “took place”.. and besides… it was a splendid wedding!

The antecedents were not at all favourable and could certainly have discouraged a less emotionally stable couple. But this fantastic couple was able to keep their serenity and high spirits intact in spite of circumstances. What happened is that a few days before the wedding date their elder son, Massimiliano,started showing symptoms of measles, from which little Camilla had just recovered. Inevitably, there were a lot of desertions, reluctantly announced, by  the many guests with non-immunized children.

On top of that, on the very wedding morning, physicians considered it advisable to send the child to hospital on a precautionary basis.  Just imagine the bustle, on a day that is normally already tense and emotionally charged.

As the icing on the cake, just to cheer everyone up, when the time of the ceremony was getting near, we watched in dismay the fast approach of threatening black clouds, accompanied by ever more frequent peals of  thunder and flashes of lightning. It goes without saying that, by then, we were all prepared to face any natural calamity with bold and quiet resignation.