Marrakesh Engagement Photographer – Awesome Love Story From Italy to Marrakesh

Marrakesh – Morocco – Destination Pre Wedding – Destination Engagement Photographer

Marrakesh Engagement Photographer

Destination pre wedding photography Marrakesh, Morocco. Engagement photo shoot through the Medina Souqs, Jeema el Fna Square and our Riad

Giada and Mirco are a delicious couple whose  wedding I’ll have the pleasure to document within the end of the year.

A few months before the wedding they asked me to create a pretty peculiar  pre-wedding photographic service.

Last year Mirco proposed to Giada on a terrace with a view on Jemaa el Fna square, Marrakesh, and they thought it would be romantic to celebrate that moment by going back to the place of their heart. Thus they asked me to follow them and tell their story.

Welcomed by pouring rain in what is not generally thought of as African climate, we spent a day  strolling through the Medina, wandering about the Souk, visiting the sights of this charming city, dining in the multicoloured overcrowded main square, and staying overnight at a typical Riad (a peaceful oasis amid the chaotic old town).

We soon realized that even the chastest shows of affection in public were not appreciated by a significant part of the local population. It is not easy to document a couple’s affection when the couple itself do not feel free to manifest their feelings: add the fear to hurt  people’s sensitivity to the natural shyness in front of a camera and you get the picture! So we tried to conform to islamic culture  by limiting the number of (modest) kisses and embraces and by exploiting the intimacy offered by the few hidden corners and moments of isolation  we could  find in the urban chaos.

After a few moments of discouragement, it turned out the whole situation was quite funny, and we enjoyed  getting out of the way of all sorts of motor vehicles (or vehicles pulled by different quadrupeds) in the tiny alleys of the Medina, or politely turning down the Souk vendors’ insistent offers of goods, or even undergoing time consuming bargaining sessions when we wanted something.

Time passed quickly, and I want to thank Giada and Mirco who, showing the adaptability of the experienced travellers, were able to make our short journey very pleasant. I also thank them for trusting me.

Below you can find some images from this coloured adventure in Morocco: imagine the sounds, imagine the smells, imagine the scents….