Malta pre wedding photographer: behind the scene of an indian engagement party.

Malta – La Valletta – Pre Wedding Party – Indian Engagement Event

Malta pre wedding photographer

Malta wedding photographer. Behind the scene of a sumptuous indian engagement event in Malta. 3-day pre wedding party at La valletta

Snapshots from a spectacular pre-wedding event in Malta!

Here’s a sneak peek into a 3-day extravaganza that animated for three days and three nights some of the most exclusive locations of this lovely Mediterranean isle.

500 guests flew in La Valletta from India and all over the globe to celebrate the beautiful couple and be entertained by live shows, music, dances, fine dining in an atmosphere that was at once wondrous, vibrant and elegantly surreal thanks to the flawless execution of the people in charge of “making dreams happen” {I’m also looking at you Enrica}

It may seem that such a dazzling array of colours, sounds, perfumes, lovely gowns, lights, decorations, beauty, elegance, splendour could have proved distracting.. Let me assure as a person who had the privilege of being there that the feeling of being immersed in a movie set on an exotic location only enhanced the fun, happy vibe of the real event!