Destination wedding FAQ

The standard packages are formulated to meet the increasing requirements of customers and are described in this page. Each solution is customizable and we can assess together how to meet your every need and create a customized photo shoot.

Each wedding is different and I’m a storyteller, so I keep shooting as long as there are significant moments, emotions and details to capture. I stop  when I’m sure that I have all the images that I need to create a complete album. Normally, I take from 1300  to 2000 photos or more, depending on circumstances. I will review all images from the event and select those that are in keeping with the highest quality and style of my work. I reserve the right to withhold any images not in keeping with my standards. Client can expect from 500 to 700  final images from a 10-hour booking.

As a wedding photojournalist I prefer working alone, successfully shooting hundreds of weddings with all of the responsibilities and none of the drawbacks that second shooters or assistants can create.

Thanks to years of experience I can easily capture the true spirit of your wedding with all its different situations and details in a very unobtrusive way, without further intrusive presences.

A photo session by a single author achieves an absolute stylistic homogeneity, expressive and qualitative.

However, for the specific needs of the couple or if you establish real logistical difficulties, I can avail myself of collaborators/trusted colleagues, whose contribution will inevitably lead to an additional cost.

All photographs are shot and managed in the professional camera Raw format. Once processed  they are converted into Jpeg (at the best resolution and quality) to allow delivery.

Standard packages do not necessarily include a photo album, however, your memories  would be perfectly presented in well-edited album. A well-designed layout is fundamentally important in for the storytelling of your wedding, giving a harmonious and consistent feel to all images that will compose it (thanks to an accurate post-production) and creating a complete and elegant narration (thanks to well balanced layout).

I will select the images that will become your wedding album’s photographs, giving them a fine art finish through post-production and retouching techniques (cleaning, brightening, highlighting colors , controlling  contrasts, removing imperfections, etc).

This selection of pictures and the album layout are my personal suggestion that can help to quicken the completion of the package.
After having viewed the proposed draft of the album, you can tell me any changes you wish to make.
You can ask me to replace any pictures selected by me and post produced with one of those not selected (and I will intervene in post-production on it to give it the same mood of the context in which it is inserted); you can delete and/or add images; you can delete and/or add pages. After you make the changes you request will submit the album’s final draft for approval before sending it to print.

The crafting of my wedding albums is entrusted to an Italian company of absolute excellence: Graphistudio. Graphistudio proposes the Young Book, a modern photo book in concept and style, appreciated by customers all over the world for its originality, freshness, scaleability and customization options right down to the smallest details. The quality of these albums is the highest available in the market with regard to the photographic print (different technologies and different supports), for the accurate selection and great variety of the materials used, and for the crafting itself, which showcases the dexterity and attention to detail typical of a “Made in Italy” product that is meant to last.

I do speak and understand  English well enough to make you feel comfortable, but fortunately I am better as a photographer  than as a speaker of English.

I would refund your money  or recommend a substitute photographer (if available). The chances of me being ill are equal to the chances of the bride or groom being taken ill. We all do our best to avoid this risk.

I will do my best to complete and deliver everything as soon as possible, but please consider that image selection, fine post-processing, retouching, album creation and printing require some time. Quality is more important to me than quickness. Usually I’m able to prepare an online preview of the best images after 10/15 days from the wedding date. The complete album layout will be ready for digital download within 4 to 5 weeks of the wedding day.

It will take 4 or 5 weeks since you have approved the final arrangement to have your album printed, mounted, bound and ready to be delivered (if you need the photo-album).

Each specific agreement will be reported in a detailed contract signed by the parties, which will also contain all the eventualities provided for under the terms of Italian law for performance of professional services.