Engagement Photographer in Venice: Irina & Dmitry

Pre Wedding – Engagement – Couple Photography – Venice Italy

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Venice engagement photographer.  Irina & Dmitry’s love story in Venice, Italy. Pre wedding photo shoot.

Irina and Dimitry are a wonderful and friendly couple from New York, where they’ll tie the knot in September. I met them during what they called their “pre-honeymoon” in Venice and had the privilege of being entrusted with translating their obvious love for each other into photography with these utterly romantic pictures.

Irina had contacted me in advance, expressing what she wished the photos would convey. She had very clear ideas, the result of a meticulous research for images that had the power to inspire and move (thanks to which she came across my website).

She had selected pictures from various photographers that had fit with her vision and kindly asked to share them with me. My first reaction, I must confess, was akin to shock, since I felt it was rather unsuitable to deal with set expectations in such a highly personal matter.

I believe that every photographer has his own style, that he or she translates their feelings into by relying on his/her sensitivity and instincts. Moreover, every season, every hour of the day, any weather conditions, have their own light, their own color, their own moods that need to be interpreted and processed differently. Therefore each subject being portrayed has its own personality, its own movements, the proper character in front of the lens.

However, I didn’t need to say any of this to Irina, because with her kind ways she made me realize how much she appreciated my work and the fact that she did not want to offer me a script to follow, but merely show me what her tastes were and the rest was up to me to interpret according to my style and instincts.

When she shared the images that had inspired her, I realized that the choice of the bride had not fallen on me by chance, since all the photographs proposed were in some way related to one another – even though they were from different sources – and absolutely compatible with my taste and easily translatable into my style.

When the day of the shoot finally came, I was taken over by the kindness, spontaneity, availability of this handsome couple. The unique charm of an early morning Venice (despite the oppressive heat of a sultry July day) only served to amplify pleasant experience that this photo shoot was for me. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did enjoy taking them!