Elopement in Venice – Intimate French Wedding

Venice elopement wedding photographer – Intimate wedding – Micro Wedding Photoshoot – Destination wedding Italy

Venice elopement photographer

Venice Elopement photographer: an intimate french Micro Wedding

Anything more romantic than an elopement in Venice?

Despite these challenging pandemic times, the lovely french pair Cèline and David thought it was worth it and chose Venice for getting married.

A lovely micro wedding on an Italian typical sunny summer day: just the two of them, their beautiful children, and two witnesses provided by the skilled wedding planner agency who arranged the event: Venice-etc

The couple wanted to keep everything minimal, easy, and intimate – even the photoshoot.

I reached the family outside their apartment, from where an elegant Venetian speedboat took them to Palazzo Cavalli, the town’s hall appointed for the civil ceremony.

The ceremony’s mood was relaxed and joyful. A couple of photos at the palace’s terrace, with its fabulous view over the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge, and then we walked to the gondola awaiting them for a wonderful ride.

Can you believe that an hour-and-a-half photoshoot is enough for an everlasting and cherished memory of such an important moment in the life of a couple? 

Yes, it is…just entrust a talented Venetian photographer!