Burano wedding proposal photographer: Ryann & Shane

Burano – Venice – Italy – Surprise wedding proposal – Engagement – Couple photoshoot

Burano wedding proposal photographer

Burano wedding proposal photographer. Surprise proposal in Burano, Venice. Lovely american couple photoshoot in the isle of colors.

It was a beautiful June day in Burano and a couple was serenely walking along its streets.
They come across a guy who’s photographing around and the man kindly asks him to take a picture of them, handing his phone to him.

While being photographed he suddenly gets down to his knees, with a ring in his hand, asking her the fateful question: “Will you marry me?“. Can you imagine her surprise and joy?

Ryann & Shane are a wonderful couple from San Diego, California. They were flying over to Italy, to visit various destinations, Venice included.
Of course Shane chose the most romantic location to reveal his intention to his beloved Ryann, but rather than the classical Venice he picked the tiny, colorful, intimate, original island of Burano.

Shane contacted me a couple months before, saying that he loved my photography and, because he was secretly going to be proposing to his girlfriend in Venice, he would have liked me to capture the moment.
He planned the little trick of casually meeting me and asking for a picture, in order to avoid any of her suspicion right until the very moment…and so it was! (Oh! she said YES, by the way :-D).

Still thrilled and cheerful, we walked along the colorful houses, bridges and narrow streets of Burano, enjoying an amazing summer day in such a stunning location.

It was a real pleasure for me to tell such an important moment in the love story of this truly adorable young couple!