Burano Surprise Marriage Proposal: Ebru & Jacek’s engagement day!

Surprise Marriage Proposal – Engagement – Burano – Venice – Couple Photography

Burano surprise marriage proposal

Surprise wedding proposal and engagement photo session in Burano, Venice, Italy. Ebru & Jacek, amazing couple from Germany.

Some times ago Jacek and some friends of his visited Burano and he immediately felt in love with this tiny colorful island in the lagoon of Venice.
He thought to himself that Burano had to be The Place where one day he would propose to the one he loves…and eventually that day came!
He checked the internet seeking a photographer able to document such a romantic and unique event and felt in love with my pictures (oh yes…Jacek is the type of guy who falls in love easily :-))
We managed the way to let me document the very moment without spoiling the surprise, and so it was…and the surprise was definitely touching (even for the photographer)!
It was a pleasure to meet this beautiful, sunny, cheerful, kind couple whose chemistry is so clear! It was a pleasure to hang out through the tiny and colorful streets of the town, shooting these two lovebirds.
Hope that my pictures could bring back them to the emotions of their engagement day in years to come, and I wish them to spend those years happily in love as they are now!

Here a few images from this romantic engagement photoshoot…enjoy!